A Poem: “This Is The Way We Grow”

  "This Is The Way We Grow" by Samuel Rose   Sisterly saps that once entwined, Their twigs locked like lovers' lips under pink skies, Now lost and apart since bearing leaves 'Round ageless oaks and barren trees. Distant 'cross the forest one wonders why it's so, But the other tree knows, "This is the… Continue reading A Poem: “This Is The Way We Grow”


On Love

To me, love is not something one can do.  We use it as a verb in everyday speech, but this is an idiom at best.  We are quick and casual to use the word "love," but there is often a great disconnect between love's true nature and the modern individual.  Love is a state of mind that one falls into. (Click the title to continue reading!)

The Hierarchy of Being

The empire has been neglected and improperly run, and it has thus fallen and must be rebuilt. Yes, it must be rebuilt, for we have the farmers sitting in throne rooms and not properly tending to their crops.  And we have the nobles drawing their swords like mindless savages.  And we have the emperor being treated like the dirt and dust we've allowed to outweigh the green valleys and streams.  This is the state of being, and for one to be optimally, one must govern one's own being properly. (Click the title to continue reading!)

Selected Truth

This idea of the Selected Truth, that which allows and encourages non-philosophers to toil with their own puzzles. Nobody on Earth really knows what's happening.  Why we are here, what this experience really is, etc.  We like to think that we know, but we don't really know, and every time some new discovery is made, we give it a spot at our dinner table and act as if it's always been there - as if we've always known it. (Click the title to continue reading!)

The Sand Art Display – A Model for Considering Time

The moment in which you're getting stabbed is no different than the moment in which you're eating a bagel.  There is no chronology.  One moment equates to the next.  Everything is a small interpretation of a larger, singular, whole moment.  All things are one same thing.  And our experience lies suspended in the refracted light, bound to it as it twists and turns. But time itself isn't the moment, it's the whole. (Click the title to continue reading!)

Dissecting Tradition

There is hardly any hiding from it.  We are swarmed daily by the incessant beast of tradition; the monster that demands we obey its commands simply because it has a history of commanding.  A traditionalist would argue that upholding traditions that have once contributed to the common good of the people is the most holy of all virtues.  A non-traditionalist would argue that traditions must be challenged daily - the individual prepared to change or abandon a tradition at a moment's notice. But we must be careful even in saying this that we do not cling to a single way of thinking. Such is, in itself, tradition. (Click the title to continue reading!)

The Exploration of Inequality

We are not born equal. How can I be equal to anyone but still look and act so differently from them? It is each little nuance and difference in the world of mathematics that makes it so expansive.  And similarly, it is there differences we see in each other that we must celebrate rather than the similarities. (Click the title to continue reading!)

Authenticity, Kindness, and the Importance of Honest Self-Expression

It has become the belief of mankind that maintaining a smiley, amicable appearance while remaining as agreeable as possible is identical to kindness.  If there is no discord while interacting with others, then you must be kind.  This means that those who are not outwardly friendly are inherently unkind.  By this way of thinking, we enslave the minds of the majority to a life of miserable masquerading while condemning the minds of the free-thinkers. (Click the title to continue reading!)